December 13, 2010

TV Special: 9/11 - Press for Truth documentary

Following the attacks of September 11th, a small group of grieving, determined families waged a tenacious battle against those who sought to bury the truth about the event -- including, to their amazement, President Bush.

In this amazing documentary, six of them -- including three of the famous 9/11 widows known as the "Jersey Girls" -- tell the powerful story of how they took on the greatest powers in Washington, compelling lawmakers to launch an investigation that ultimately failed to answer most of their questions. The filmmakers collaborated with the media group Globalvision to stitch together overlooked news clips, buried stories, and government press conferences, revealing a pattern of official lies, deception, and spin. As a result, a very different picture of 9/11 emerges -- one that raises new, and more pressing, questions.

This is one documentary you MUST see to believe!!

Visit the documentary’s official website to learn more.

9/11: Press for Truth

This special airs on LinkTV, Dec.14th - Dec.17th
Also available on NetFlix
Also available on Google Video
Also available on 911Facts


December 8, 2010

Ever Heard of WikiLeaks, or the Pentagon Papers?

The Pentagon Papers helped put a stop to the Vietnam war debacle, which was solidly based on deceit and lies to the American people (even still today).

The Pentagon Papers were originally published in 47 volumes and collectively titled 'United States–Vietnam Relations, 1945–1967: A Study Prepared by the Department of Defense.' They first came to the U.S. public via the New York Times, which was initially gagged by then-President Richard Nixon's administration, prompting Ellsberg to copy the papers and send them to other newspapers, including the Washington Post.

The Pentagon Papers include 7,000 pages of documents collected by the U.S. military about decision making during the Vietnam war that showed U.S. leaders believed early on that the war could not be won and would lead to many more casualties than ever stated publicly.

Daniel Ellsberg

Later, Daniel Ellsberg (the man responsible for outing the now famous Pentagon Papers in 1971) turned himself in to authorities and was indicted by a grand jury on charges of theft and holding secret documents. The federal judge presiding over the case eventually declared a mistrial and dismissed all charges against him after government meddling was divulged, including a failed attempt by the Nixon administration to steal a file held by Ellsberg's psychiatrist, meant to be used to discredit Ellsberg. [Ed: this is called a "smear campaign", meant to "kill the messenger" instead of analyzing the leaked information itself.]

Ellsberg and a group of ex-intelligence officers have now thrown their weight behind WikiLeaks and its founder, saying the current attempt to label WikiLeaks' leaks as trivial compared to the Pentagon Papers is wrong.

In a statement, Ellsberg and associates said comparisons saying the Pentagon Papers were good while WikiLeaks' material is bad is, "just a cover for people who don't want to admit that they oppose any and all exposure of even the most misguided, secretive foreign policy. The truth is that EVERY attack now made on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange was made against me and the release of the Pentagon Papers at the time."


UPDATE: Pentagon Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg: Julian Assange is Not a Terrorist (interview)

UPDATE: Interesting debate about the "heroism" of WikiLeaks

UPDATE: John Pilger: Global Support for WikiLeaks is "Rebellion" Against U.S. Militarism, Secrecy

November 23, 2010

China's recent towering inferno does NOT collapse!

The public has been told repeatedly that on 9/11, two skyscrapers (actually three!) were destroyed due to office fires which weakened the structures' steel.

With that in mind, a recent news story tells of a large building fire in Shanghai which unfortunately killed at least 40 people and injured dozens more at a block of flats. The apartment complex was under renovation, the fire spread to many of the 28 floors, and it took about 6 hours to get the fire under control. And yet... the building did not collapse!! This is very normal, as NO steel framed high-rise building in history has collapsed [due to fire], before or after 9/11. Not ever.

I urge you to read more about this and other serious, unanswered 9/11 questions at


Also, see this:


November 19, 2010

Citizens Demand Full Investigation on US Torture Authorizations

The American Civil Liberties Union today urged Attorney General Eric Holder to ask Assistant U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate whether former President George W. Bush violated the federal statute prohibiting torture. The request, made in a letter sent to Holder, comes on the heels of the release of Bush’s memoir in which Bush admits he directly authorized the use of waterboarding on Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Abu Zubaydah. The Department of Justice has made clear that waterboarding is torture and, as such, a crime under the federal anti-torture statute.
The letter, signed by ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero, states, “In light of the admission by the former President, and the legally correct determination by the Department of Justice that waterboarding is a crime, you should ensure that Mr. Durham’s current investigation into detainee interrogations encompasses the conduct and decisions of former President Bush.”  
The letter states, “[T]he former President’s acknowledgment that he authorized torture is absolutely without parallel in American history. The admission cannot be ignored. In our system, no one is above the law or beyond its reach, not even a former president.”
The letter also points out that failure to investigate President Bush’s role in violating the torture statute would severely compromise America’s ability to advocate for human rights in other countries, and concludes, “A nation committed to the rule of law…cannot simply ignore evidence that its most senior leaders authorized torture.”
The full text of the letter can be found below:


November 16, 2010

Fair 9/11 Coverage From FOX News

Thank you, Geraldo!

This video was broadcast by Fox News on Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010. For more information and background on this story, you can read HERE.

UPDATE: Here is a follow up segment to Geraldo's 9/11 Truth story again on Fox News, about a week later.

November 2, 2010

Colorado Democratic Party Calls for Grand Jury Investigation of 9/11

The 2010 Colorado Democratic Party platform, approved by the 146 member platform committee states: “The Colorado Democratic Party calls for the establishment of a truly independent Grand Jury and public investigation in order to find the truth of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

This controversial plank was added to the State Democratic Party Platform after evidence supporting the critical need for a new investigation was presented at several caucuses in 2004, 2008, and 2010.

The citizens who presented arguments for a new investigation at their precinct caucuses are signatories to the Architect and Engineers for 9/11 Truth organization ( which calls for a new investigation into the events of September 11, 2001.

The quality of evidence contradicting the official 9/11 story is substantiated in part by the 2010 Platform Committee Chairman Hal Bidlack’s statement: “ ….this platform represents the consensus of the 2010 Platform Committee, guided by the results of county assemblies across our state. The folks who worked tirelessly on the Committee can rightly be proud of their efforts, and deserve our special thanks.” (Bidlack’s statement can be found on page one of the 2010 platform.)

In the upcoming Colorado election, Green Party U.S. Senatorial candidate Bob Kinsey and District One U.S. Representative candidate Gary Swing have publicly stated they would support a new investigation into the events of September 11, 2001.

Clarifying information can be found at,,,,,, and


October 13, 2010

BYU Science Lab Discovers Important 9/11 Truths

Jeffrey Farrer
Dr. Jeffrey Farrer of the Physics Department at Brigham Young University is listed as second author (after Niels Harrit) on a formally published scientific study in the peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal: “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe” by Niels H. Harrit, Jeffrey Farrer, Steven E. Jones, Kevin R. Ryan, Frank M. Legge, Daniel Farnsworth, Gregg Roberts, James R. Gourley and Bradley R. Larsen.

Dr. Farrer is featured in the Spring 2005 issue of BYU Frontiers magazine, page 11: “Dr. Jeffrey Farrer, lab director for TEM” (Transmission Electron Microscopy). The article notes: “The electron microscopes in the TEM lab combine to give BYU capabilities that are virtually unique… rivaling anything built worldwide.” The article is entitled: “Rare and Powerful Microscopes Unlock Nano Secrets,” which is certainly true as regards the discoveries of the published paper. Kudos to BYU for permitting Drs. Farrer and Steven Jones and physics student Daniel Farnsworth to do much of the research described in the paper and for conducting internal reviews of the above paper. After internal peer review of the paper, BYU administrators approved publication with Dr. Farrer’s name and BYU affiliation listed and we congratulate BYU for this. Dr. Farrer re-confirms and explains the careful scientific research represented in this seminal paper in an interview in July 2010 conducted with Richard Gage of, presented here. This video represents Jeff Farrer's first publicly-released statements regarding his scientific probing of questions about what really happened on 9/11/2001.


September 11, 2010

9/11 Facts You Should Know About!!

In remembrance of those who died on 9/11, many are still seeking the truth about what happened on that day...

There exists a small number of facts in this world which are completely beyond belief. I feel very privileged to know at least a few of those facts, of which I have spent significant portions of my life learning.

Scientific 9/11 evidence fits squarely into this category -- incredible facts, which are indeed true, and contradict the "common" belief of that event which is widely held by society today.

Officially: we have been told by mass media and government that on 9/11, 4 planes were hijacked, 3 planes hit buildings, 2 towers totally collapsed due to damage and fire, and 1 man is to blame for it all - Osama.

Honestly, I really wish all of that was true. And some of it is -- but not all of it. It has taken me LOTS of research, time, and courage to find out why some of it is a big, serious lie. The facts just don't line up with that story, plain and simple.

Many credible people have stuck out their necks and put their reputations on the line to speak out on various issues surrounding 9/11, which I have posted about previously. So much credible supporting evidence exists; I have seen much of it -- some better than others.

Because of this, I have compiled a list of quality documentaries which have helped me understand the truth around 9/11. This list is posted on and I hope you'll take a look. With an open mind and a couple of hours, you will understand important matters that are pivotal to many grave issues we face today, in our post-9/11 world.

September 1, 2010

Why We Fight - Video

This is an excellent documentary about the US military and the reasons for fighting a war in Iraq. HIGHLY recommend watching -- it's worth the time.


August 24, 2010

Osama bin Laden -- Read the FBI WANTED fine print


Pay close attention to the words used in this article about Osama bin Laden:

Osama's FBI Indictment

Who: Osama bin Laden ... is believed to be behind the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.

Indictment: He's wanted in connection with bombings of U.S. embassies in which hundreds of people were killed, as well as terrorist attacks throughout the world.

Notice anything odd? Osama's indictment by the FBI mentions nothing specific about 9/11. Strange? Yes, but it's true! Check out his FBI Most Wanted page and see for yourself -- nothing mentioned about 9/11, the greatest terrorist event in our life!!

So here's the bottom line: If the FBI doesn't have evidence that Osama bin Laden caused 9/11, then why should you or I believe that he did do it?? It is not logical to believe that Osama bin Laden is guilty of the crime of 9/11; otherwise the FBI would have listed that proven fact on his WANTED poster. 

But it's not there. (There is more evidence to support this conclusion about Osama and 9/11, but the former point is 100% incontrovertible.)
So who did do it? That's the critical question that needs a new investigation to find the answer. (The first investigation simply assumed it was Osama without any question!)

August 23, 2010

Inspirational -- There Are Still Many Good People In The World

I know that this blog can get really heavy sometimes, so I thought I would take a break to share a story that I ultimately found inspirational. How many times have we been told "faith without works is dead"? This video was worth watching to the very end, and as you watch I hope you look inside yourself, find a little grain of truth, and let it swell your heart.

August 16, 2010

US Government: Secret Spying, Imprisonment, Torture... and Now Assassination

(I'm sorry about the joker face image -- I think it's unfortunate and distasteful in this video. But the info is good.)
"If you justify something with the word 'terrorism' it scares the Media, and they're afraid to appear sympathetic to 'terrorism' by opposing [that something]."

Odds of Terrorism (Bureau of Transportation Statistics data: Oct '99 -- Sept '09)
"It should not be that difficult to distinguish the difference between the danger posed by the Underwear Bomber, and the danger posed by a government that endorses secret prisons, torture, and assassinating American citizens."

August 11, 2010

9/11 Monthly Update - August

29 Structural/Civil Engineers Cite Evidence for Controlled Demolition on 9/11

As of July 2010, more than 1,200 architects and engineers have joined the call by AE911Truth for a new investigation, faulting the official reports and documenting the explosive evidence for the destruction of the 3 WTC high-rises on 9/11. This exclusive 13-page article includes seven pages of fascinating interviews along with six pages of biographical info about 29, of over 60 total, structural/civil engineers who are extensively quoted in the article.


July 15, 2010

Even the Troops are Waking Up - Video


"If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy... The loss of Liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or imagined, from abroad..."
~James Madison

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
~Benjamin Franklin


Poll: 62% Say War Going "Badly"

A new poll shows growing US opposition to the war in Afghanistan. According to CBS News, some 44 percent of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s handling of the war, a jump from 37 percent in May. The number of Americans who believe the war is going either "somewhat" or "very badly" also increased to 62 percent from 49 percent.

Record US Soldier Suicides in June

New figures show a record number of US soldiers took their own lives last month. At least thirty-two soldier suicides were reported in June, the highest monthly number since record keeping began around the Vietnam War. Seven of those soldiers killed themselves while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.


July 11, 2010

9/11 Monthly Update - July

Explosive Evidence at WTC Cited by Former CDI Employee

Having had the privilege of speaking with Tom Sullivan, an actual explosive-charge placement technician, we [AE911Truth] have some new insights to pass along as to how controlled demolition works, where it started, and the effect that 9/11 had on the demolition industry. Sullivan gained his experience as an employee of the leading firm in this field, Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI).

Sullivan notes that many weeks are required to “prep,” or weaken the buildings before demolitions. Steel frame buildings don’t just fall into their footprints at free-fall without major work throughout the building – even some before the placement of explosives. Sullivan emphasized as an aside, “Fire cannot bring down steel-framed high rises -- period.”

Sullivan stated that he knew from the first day that the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11 was a classic controlled implosion. Asked how he thought it might have been done he posited, “looking at the building it wouldn’t be a problem -- once you gain access to the elevator shafts…then a team of expert loaders would have hidden access to the core columns and beams. The rest can be accomplished with just the right kind of explosives for the job. Thermite can be used as well.”

And as Sullivan watched the towers collapse that day, like so many did, he pondered at how fast it all took place, and how suddenly and symmetrically they were brought down. "I knew it was an explosive event as soon as I saw it, there was no question in my mind," said Sullivan. Most of us agree -- it's not by chance that the first tower just happened to collapse -- then the second in the same manner. What convinced him completely is when he watched Tower 7 fall that day, "I mean, come on, it was complete destruction. I've seen buildings fall like that for years -- that was the end game for me."

Keep in mind that Sullivan did this for a living for several years -- it is like second nature for him to see this type of demolition. If anybody would know, it should be him. But we went ahead and asked him, “Is there any chance that normal office fires (the official cause of the ’collapse’) could have been responsible for the smooth, symmetrical, free-fall acceleration of building 7? “Not a chance,” he retorted.

We just wanted to be sure.


July 3, 2010

USS Liberty Attacked by Israel - June 8, 1967

(WARNING: This video depicts some graphic images of war and injury.)

Related News:

On the night of Sunday, May 30, 2010, showing a terrifying disregard for human life, Israeli naval forces surrounded and boarded ships sailing to bring humanitarian aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip. On the largest ship, the Mavi Marmara, Israeli commandos opened fire on civilian passengers, killing at least 9 passengers and wounding dozens more. Others are still missing. The final death toll is yet to be determined. Cultures of Resistance director Iara Lee was aboard the besieged ship and has since returned home safely.

Despite the Israeli government’s thorough efforts to confiscate all footage taken during the attack, Iara Lee was able to retain some of her recordings. Above is 15 minutes of footage from the moments leading up to and during the Israeli commandos’ assault on the Mavi Marmara.

Police Commander Convicted of Lying About Torture

We live in a sad time/era where torture is routinely, publicly rationalized and excused. But in this important landmark case, Justice, the Law, and basic Morality have prevailed against an evil man. America has risen to meet its moral standards once again!

Hopefully this trend will continue as justice is served to all those who have condoned and/or violated the international and basic laws of morality and humanity.


June 11, 2010

9/11 Monthly Update - June

Architects Engineers for 9/11 Truth continues to see support from professionals as they sign a petition demanding a new investigation that considers the evidence for explosives places in the 3 towers that fell on that horrible day in history. Today, their support exceeds 1,200 A&E professionals, and still growing strong.

The reason I really like AE911Truth is simple: THEY STICK TO THE SCIENTIFIC FACTS. This is important because it means that their observations and arguments surrounding 9/11 are verifiable, repeatable, and undeniable.

Take for example this video analysis of WTC 3 free-fall acceleration, by David Chandler:

Using the scientific method, there exists undeniable and apparent evidence that 9/11 did not happen the way the world was told by official sources.

One of the most prominent official sources was the 9/11 Commission Report. As of today, 6 of the 10 head members of that Committee have publicly stated that they believe that at some point during that investigation, the government purposefully decided to lie to the Committee about the events of 9/11.

In John Farmer’s book: “The Ground Truth: The Story Behind America’s Defense on 9/11″, the author builds the inescapably convincing case that the official version... is almost entirely untrue...

The 9/11 Commission now tells us that the official version of 9/11 was based on false testimony and documents and is almost entirely untrue. The details of this massive cover-up are carefully outlined in a book by John Farmer, who was the Senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission.

Farmer, Dean of Rutger Universities' School of Law and former Attorney General of New Jersey, was responsible for drafting the original flawed 9/11 report.

Does Farmer have cooperation and agreement from other members of the Commission? Yes. Did they say Bush ordered 9/11? No. Do they say that the 9/11 Commission was lied to by the FBI, CIA, Whitehouse and NORAD? Yes. Is there full documentary proof of this? Yes.

Farmer states...“at some level of the government, at some point in time…there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened... I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described …. The [Norad air defense] tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public for two years. This is not spin.”

The 9/11 Commission head, Thomas Kean, was the Republican governor of New Jersey. He had the following to say... “We to this day don’t know why NORAD [the North American Aerospace Command] told us what they told us, it was just so far from the truth. . . " (source)
This is very serious. I own and have read Thomas Kean's book "Without Precedent", and he makes several other startling and disturbing statements about the Committee and the US government's cooperation with it.

My purpose here, as always, is simply to help you do 3 things:
  1. Become aware by knowledge
  2. Become interested by understanding
  3. Become empowered by resources for learning more
I hope I've been able to accomplished that with this post.

God bless America
-- truth and justice for all!

Donna Marsh O'Connor - family member victim of 9/11

June 5, 2010

An Interview with the "Shoer"

Muntadhar al-Zaidi was an Iraqi broadcast journalist who served as a correspondent for (Iraqi-owned, Egyptian-based) Al-Baghdadia TV. Al-Zaidi's reports often focused on the plight of widows, orphans, and children in the Iraq War. On November 16, 2007, al-Zaidi was kidnapped by unknown assailants in Baghdad. He was also previously twice arrested by the United States armed forces. On December 14, 2008, al-Zaidi shouted "this is for the widows and orphans" and threw his shoes at then-US president George W. Bush during a Baghdad press conference. Al-Zaidi suffered injuries as he was taken into custody and was tortured during his initial detention. There were calls throughout the Middle East to place the shoes in an Iraqi museum, but the shoes were later destroyed by American and Iraqi security forces. Al-Zaidi's shoeing inspired many similar incidents of political protest around the world. On February 20, 2009, al-Zaidi received a 90-minute trial by the Central Criminal Court of Iraq. On March 12, 2009, he was sentenced to three years in prison for assaulting a foreign head of state during an official visit. On April 7 the sentence was reduced to one year from three years. He was released on 15 September 2009 for good behaviour, after serving nine months of the sentence.

Interview Segment Pt.2

(Watch all 4 segments here)

May 11, 2010

9/11 Monthly Update - May

Expert Firefighters, Architects & Engineers Expose 9/11 Myths

If you've ever wondered "what's the big dealio with this 9/11 Truth Movement stuff??" ... watch at least 30 minutes of this evidence presentation. (You may skip to 13:20 if desired.)

April 23, 2010

US Military Cover-Up of Afghan Civilian Killings

After weeks of lying about the incident, U.S. and allied forces under General McChrystal’s command have finally admitted that Special Operations units killed three innocent Afghan women, two of them pregnant, in a raid on a civilian household in February, 2010. Now it appears that Special Ops personnel may have dug bullets from bodies to cover their tracks and prevent the truth from being revealed. And yet, the forces under McChrystal’s command propose to investigate themselves.

This is unacceptable. We demand an independent, United-Nations-led investigation of the Pentagon’s cover-up of the night raid killings in Gardez and real accountability for those involved.

(source1) (source2)


April 21, 2010

WTC Building 7 Demolition on 9/11

I am still amazed when I talk to most people about 9/11 and they have not even heard about the THIRD building that collapsed that day -- but wasn't hit by a plane. WTC Building 7 collapsed at the acceleration of gravity, which scientifically means that all of the building's massive support columns had to be physically removed in order the avoid turning its potential (gravitational) energy into kinetic (motion) energy; without this column removal, Building 7 would have fallen much slower and asymmetrically as it converted some of its energy into "crushing" its own support columns on the way down. Instead, we see free-fall acceleration and complete symmetry.

So, how were Building 7's support columns removed???? And where did the molten metal found underneath it come from????

We must find the answers to these and many other questions around 9/11. It's important to our country and the rest of the world.

April 19, 2010

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

I have read this book entirely. It's very well sourced, thorough, and convincing. I own a copy if anyone wants to borrow it.
Check out the website for more information about the author and the book.

Vincent Bugliosi received his law degree in 1964. In his career at the L.A. County District Attorney’s office, he successfully prosecuted 105 out of 106 felony jury trials, including 21 murder convictions without a single loss. His most famous trial, the Charles Manson case, became the basis of his classic, Helter Skelter, the biggest selling truecrime book in publishing history...

April 11, 2010

9/11 Monthly Update - April

Professionals Demanding 9/11 Truth: Websites

Professionals Demanding 9/11 Truth: Totals

  • 1,100+ Engineers and Architects

  • 400+ Medical Professionals

  • 200+ Senior Military Officers, Intelligence Services and Law Enforcement Veterans, and Government Officials

  • 250+ Pilots and Aviation Professionals

  • 400+ Professors

  • 300+ 9/11 Survivors and Victim Family Members

  • 200+ Artists, Entertainers, and Media Professionals

Also, I just want to add: Yes, I know there are certainly some fringe "crazies" in the 9/11 truth movement, as there are in any movement. HOWEVER listed above are credible organizations of intelligent people, who are invested in discovering the Truth about 9/11. These professionals have exposed themselves to much slander, criticism, humiliation, ridicule, etc. The reason they do it? Not much glory. Instead, it's because of their conscience. It is only RIGHT in a democracy to ask questions and demand answers from government -- which is intended to be of the people, by the people, for the people.

We still live in a very post-9/11 world ("beware the terrorists", etc.). 9/11 is often sited as the act which caused America to begin war in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as create the so-called PATRIOT ACT which robs Americans of basic constitutional rights. 9/11was a crime scene that was never properly investigated, with official conclusions lacking, self-contradicting, and blatantly lying. I really encourage you to listen with an open mind to what these professionals (above) ask concerning this important, historic, and pivotal global issue of 9/11.

Your study will surely take time, but don't most important things? I hope you don't just take my word for it.

April 5, 2010

IRAQ: WikiLeaks Exposes 2007 'Collateral Murder' of Reporters

Namir Noor-Eldeen and Namir Noor-Eldeen were top reporters, not terrorist; but they were still murdered like ones by US military forces in Iraq, 2007.

Background stories:
Current story: (source1)(source2)(source video)

Calling it a case of "collateral murder," the WikiLeaks Web site today released harrowing until-now secret video of a U.S. Army Apache helicopter in Baghdad in 2007 repeatedly opening fire on a group of men that included a Reuters photographer and his driver -- and then on a van that stopped to rescue one of the wounded men.

None of the members of the group were taking hostile action, contrary to the Pentagon's initial cover story; they were milling about on a street corner. One man was evidently carrying a gun, though that was and is hardly an uncommon occurrence in Baghdad.

Reporters working for WikiLeaks determined that the driver of the van was a good Samaritan on his way to take his small children to a tutoring session. He was killed and his two children were badly injured.

In the video, which Reuters has been asking to see since 2007, crew members can be heard celebrating their kills.

"Oh yeah, look at those dead bastards," says one crewman after multiple rounds of 30mm cannon fire left nearly a dozen bodies littering the street.

A crewman begs for permission to open fire on the van and its occupants, even though it has done nothing but stop to help the wounded: "Come on, let us shoot!"

Two crewmen share a laugh when a Bradley fighting vehicle runs over one of the corpses.

And after soldiers on the ground find two small children shot and bleeding in the van, one crewman can be heard saying: "Well, it's their fault bringing their kids to a battle."

The helicopter crew, which was patrolling an area that had been the scene of fierce fighting that morning, said they spotted weapons on members of the first group -- although the video shows one gun, at most. The crew also mistook a telephoto lens for a rocket-propelled grenade.

The shooting, which killed Reuters photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen, 22, and driver Saeed Chmagh, 40, took place on July 12, 2007, in a southeastern neighborhood of Baghdad.

WARNING: The following video is not censored, and depicts graphic acts of violence, bloodshed, and inhumanity.


Families of Victims of 2007 US Helicopter Killing React to Leaked Video

Gates on Wikileaks Video


Related News: (source)

US Forces Admit Killing Two Pregnant Afghan Women & Teenager

In Afghanistan, US-led forces have admitted to killing two pregnant Afghan women and a teenage girl during a nighttime raid on February 12. Afghan investigators told the Times of London US Special Forces soldiers tried to cover up the killings. US forces reportedly dug bullets out of their victims’ bodies, then washed the wounds with alcohol before lying to their superiors about what happened. One of the women killed was a pregnant mother of ten, and another was a pregnant mother of six. Initially NATO military officials suggested that the women were stabbed to death, or had died by some other means, hours before the raid. In other news from Afghanistan, German troops accidentally killed six Afghan soldiers on Saturday.

Karzai Lashes Out at Western Nations

The killings occur as tension mounts between Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Western leaders. Last week Karzai issued a harsh rebuke of Western and United Nations involvement in Afghanistan, criticizing what he called “massive interference from foreigners." On Saturday, he reportedly told a group of lawmakers, “If you and the international community pressure me more, I swear that I am going to join the Taliban.”

March 31, 2010

9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

A group of more than 200 family members of 9/11 victims has released an emotional new web video imploring the Obama administration to remain true to its plans to try terrorist suspects in civilian court.

"As 9/11 families, we have suffered greatly and waited almost nine years to see justice done with our own eyes," O'Connor says. "We understand that you face political pressure to back down. We ask that you do not allow fear and prejudice to govern your decision -- as we are not afraid. We know our country is strong enough to hold on to our values in the face of terrorism."


March 19, 2010

Indonesian Forces Implicated in New Assassinations, Tapped by Obama for Renewed US Aid

In a Democracy Now! exclusive, investigative journalist and activist Allan Nairn reveals US-backed Indonesian armed forces carried out a series of assassinations of civilian activists in late 2009. The news comes as the White House moves towards increasing aid to the Indonesian military and lifting a twelve-year ban on the training of the notorious Indonesian military unit known as Kopassus. A US-trained Kopassus general who coordinated the assassinations confirmed to Nairn an Indonesian army role in the killings. [includes rush transcript]

UPDATE (3/24):

In Indonesia, investigative journalist Allan Nairn is facing possible arrest for exposing that US-backed Indonesian armed forces assassinated a series of civilian activists last year. Since Allan Nairn broke the news of the assassination program on Democracy Now! on Friday, the Indonesian press has been buzzing with the allegations. A military spokesman told the Jakarta Globe that the military is considering legal action against Nairn. Earlier today, Nairn issued a public challenge to the Indonesian military to arrest him so that he could face off with the military in open court. [includes rush transcript]

UPDATE (3/26):

Indonesian human rights groups held a news conference today in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, calling on the Indonesian army to stop denying the exposé by journalist Allan Nairn that US-backed Indonesian armed forces assassinated a series of civilian activists in the province of Aceh last year. The human rights groups called on police to arrest those responsible for the assassinations and distributed Nairn’s piece to the press. The two human rights groups, Kontras and Imparsial, were founded by Munir, the country’s leading human rights advocate who was assassinated by Indonesian intelligence in 2004. [source]

UPDATE (3/31):

Indonesian TV Station Cancels Nairn Interview Due to Military Pressure

And in an update to a story we have been closely following, Indonesia’s national news channel, TV One, canceled an appearance by investigative journalist Allan Nairn today due to pressure from the Indonesian army special forces unit Kopassus. Nairn recently revealed Kopassus had been involved in the assassination of political activists in Aceh last year. Last week the Indonesian military threatened to arrest Nairn for defiling the good name of the Indonesian armed forces. As we went to broadcast, Nairn was heading to the TV station to hold a news conference to expose the Indonesian military’s role in canceling the broadcast. [More info at] [source]

March 11, 2010

9/11 Monthly Update - March

ABC Vs. Loose Change

Many people think the News media has already fulfilled, or is adequately fulfilling, its duty to inform the public about important social issues, such as serious flaws in the official 9/11 reports. Please watch this recent interview with Loose Change filmmakers by ABC Nightline.

Part I

Part II

Here is the ABC News final report -- The Truther Movement.

To be sure, this report is less slanderous and calumnious than usual. However, the important 9/11 evidence of treason is hardly mentioned nor examined...

Here is some decidedly fair and balanced coverage of the 9/11 truth movement.

Here are just a few examples of unfair and unballanced coverage of 9/11 in the media.

Bob McIlvaine (who was refused an interview from ABC Nightline) is a family victim of 9/11. His son was murdered. He has been pursuing 9/11 truth and justice ever since that dreadful day, seeking whatever media attention he can attract to share his message -- that the US government's official 9/11 account is nothing but an official cover-up. His story is told, along with many others, in 9/11: Press for Truth produced by the "Jersey Girls", a group of concerned family victims. 70% of this group's questions went unanswered by the official 9/11 Commission report.

If you haven't already, I ask you to please watch their excellent video documentary now. It's important.

February 14, 2010

Documents show detainee was abused in US custody

By JILL LAWLESS (AP) (source1, source2)

LONDON — A British resident was beaten, shackled and threatened while in U.S. custody in Pakistan in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, according to a newly published summary of intelligence reports sent from the CIA to Britain's MI5 spy agency.

The information, released by a court Wednesday over the objections of the British government, shows that British officials knew as early as 2002 about the treatment of Ethiopian-born Binyam Mohamed — one of hundreds of young Muslim men scooped up around the world at the time.

The White House said the ruling would make intelligence sharing with Britain more difficult in the future.

The summary adds to growing evidence of Mohamed's mistreatment during his seven years in American custody. In November, a U.S. district judge in Washington found evidence of even harsher abuse while Mohamed was held in Morocco for two years before he was eventually moved to Guantanamo Bay and charged with plotting with al-Qaida to bomb American apartment buildings....

In a ruling in the District Court for the District of Columbia in November, Judge Gladys Kessler said Mohamed had been tortured over a period of two years while being interviewed by FBI and CIA agents.

She said Mohamed was beaten with a leather strap, subjected to mock execution, kept in darkness, deprived of sleep, drugged, hung by his wrists and "cut on the chest and then on the penis and the testicles with a scalpel (about once a month for over a year)."

She said the U.S. government "does not challenge or deny the accuracy of (Mohamed)'s story of brutal treatment."

February 11, 2010

9/11 Monthly Update - February

Major Milestone Reached at AE911Truth: 1,000+ Architects & Engineers demand new 9/11 WTC investigation!

Press Conference Scheduled February 19th

As of January 2010, over 1,000 architects and engineers have signed our petition demanding a real investigation into the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11. This petition, along with AE911Truth literature and DVDs, will also be presented to every Member of Congress.

To underscore the importance of this milestone achievement, AE911Truth is launching a massive publicity campaign nationwide and holding a Press Conference in San Francisco, California on February 19, 2010 followed by an exclusive Keynote Luncheon to include David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones and others. We will also host an exclusive A/E Conference in honor of our AE911Truth petition signers – many of whom will be flying in to San Francisco to join us. Mark your calendars now! This will be a day of events that you won’t want to miss!

  • DATE: February 19, 2010

  • TIME: 11am – 6pm

  • PLACE: Marines' Memorial Club & Hotel,
    609 Sutter St.
    San Francisco, CA

Thank you again for all of your efforts in the past and for being there for us at this crucial moment. I hope to see you in San Francisco!


Richard Gage, AIA
and the dedicated volunteers at AE911Truth

(petition signatures)
(Forbes News Report)

February 9, 2010

US Forces Can Assassinate Americans Believed to Be Involved in Terrorist Activity

The Obama administration has acknowledged it’s continuing a Bush-era policy authorizing the killing of US citizens abroad. The confirmation came from Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair in congressional testimony last week. Blair said, “Being a US citizen will not spare an American from getting assassinated by military or intelligence operatives overseas if the individual is working with terrorists and planning to attack fellow Americans.” (source)

February 2, 2010

America’s Secret Afghan Prisons

Investigation Unearths New US Torture Site, Abuse Allegations in Afghanistan

A new investigation by journalist Anand Gopal reveals harrowing details about US secret prisons in Afghanistan, under both the Bush and Obama administrations. Gopal interviewed Afghans who were detained and abused at several disclosed and undisclosed sites at US and Afghan military bases across the country. He also reveals the existence of another secret prison on Bagram Air Base that even the Red Cross does not have access to. It is dubbed the Black Jail and is reportedly run by US Special Forces. (source)

January 11, 2010

9/11 Monthly Update - January

On January 10th, the Richard Syrett Radio Show hosted a civil and polite debate on 9/11 between two building experts, each sitting on different sides of the 9/11 fence. I encourage you to listen to it and make up your own minds. (I've also posted a similar debate between Gage and Craig that was hosted over a year ago.)

9/11 Debate: Gage & Craig (Jan-2010)

9/11 Debate: Gage & Craig (Nov-2007)

(Note: I appologize - this mp3 player doesn't seem to work in Firefox; downloads are posted below.)

-- 9/11 Debate: Gage & Craig (Jan-2010) MP3
-- 9/11 Debate: Gage & Craig (Nov-2007) MP3

January 6, 2010

“Obama Has Kept the Machine Set on Kill”–Journalist and Activist Allan Nairn Reviews Obama’s First Year in Office

Democracy Now!

~35 minutes

In an extended interview, award-winning journalist and activist Allan Nairn looks back over the Obama administration’s foreign policy and national security decisions over the last twelve months. “I think Obama should be remembered as a great man because of the blow he struck against white racism,” Nairn says. “But once he became president…Obama became a murderer and a terrorist, because the US has a machine that spans the globe, that has the capacity to kill, and Obama has kept it set on kill. He could have flipped the switch and turned it off…but he chose not to do so.” He continues, “In fact, as far as one can tell, Obama seems to have killed more civilians during his first year than Bush did in his first year, and maybe even than Bush killed in his final year.” (source)

January 5, 2010

Afghanistan War: The Soviet Lesson Not Learned

The Soviet military invaded and occupied Afghanistan in the 1980s. The US government did not want the Russians to succeed in a take-over of such a resource-rich (oil) nation. So the US mustered up a foreign policy, and the CIA found and trained a group of Afghan guerrilla warriors, led by Osama bin Laden, calling the database of soldiers Al-quaeda. Thus the notorious "network" of terrorists was hatched.

But this clip isn't about that history*.

It's about the failed tactics of the Soviets in waging war in Afghanistan - the same military tactics that the US is now using in a country that cannot be conquered in a war with no good purpose.

....Washington, fearing the spread of Soviet influence (and worse the new government's radical example) to its allies in Pakistan, Iran and the Gulf states, immediately offered support to the Afghan mujaheddin, as the “contra” force was known....

Prior to the devastating September 11 attack on the twin towers of World Trade Center, US ruling-class figures remained unrepentant about the consequences of their dirty deals with the likes of bin Laden, Hekmatyar and the Taliban. Since the awful attack, they have been downright hypocritical.

In an August 28, 1998, report posted on MSNBC, Michael Moran quotes Senator Orrin Hatch, who was a senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee which approved US dealings with the mujaheddin, as saying he would make “the same call again”, even knowing what bin Laden would become.

“It was worth it. Those were very important, pivotal matters that played an important role in the downfall of the Soviet Union.”

Hatch today is one of the most gung-ho voices demanding military retaliation....