August 24, 2010

Osama bin Laden -- Read the FBI WANTED fine print


Pay close attention to the words used in this article about Osama bin Laden:

Osama's FBI Indictment

Who: Osama bin Laden ... is believed to be behind the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.

Indictment: He's wanted in connection with bombings of U.S. embassies in which hundreds of people were killed, as well as terrorist attacks throughout the world.

Notice anything odd? Osama's indictment by the FBI mentions nothing specific about 9/11. Strange? Yes, but it's true! Check out his FBI Most Wanted page and see for yourself -- nothing mentioned about 9/11, the greatest terrorist event in our life!!

So here's the bottom line: If the FBI doesn't have evidence that Osama bin Laden caused 9/11, then why should you or I believe that he did do it?? It is not logical to believe that Osama bin Laden is guilty of the crime of 9/11; otherwise the FBI would have listed that proven fact on his WANTED poster. 

But it's not there. (There is more evidence to support this conclusion about Osama and 9/11, but the former point is 100% incontrovertible.)
So who did do it? That's the critical question that needs a new investigation to find the answer. (The first investigation simply assumed it was Osama without any question!)

August 23, 2010

Inspirational -- There Are Still Many Good People In The World

I know that this blog can get really heavy sometimes, so I thought I would take a break to share a story that I ultimately found inspirational. How many times have we been told "faith without works is dead"? This video was worth watching to the very end, and as you watch I hope you look inside yourself, find a little grain of truth, and let it swell your heart.

August 16, 2010

US Government: Secret Spying, Imprisonment, Torture... and Now Assassination

(I'm sorry about the joker face image -- I think it's unfortunate and distasteful in this video. But the info is good.)
"If you justify something with the word 'terrorism' it scares the Media, and they're afraid to appear sympathetic to 'terrorism' by opposing [that something]."

Odds of Terrorism (Bureau of Transportation Statistics data: Oct '99 -- Sept '09)
"It should not be that difficult to distinguish the difference between the danger posed by the Underwear Bomber, and the danger posed by a government that endorses secret prisons, torture, and assassinating American citizens."

August 11, 2010

9/11 Monthly Update - August

29 Structural/Civil Engineers Cite Evidence for Controlled Demolition on 9/11

As of July 2010, more than 1,200 architects and engineers have joined the call by AE911Truth for a new investigation, faulting the official reports and documenting the explosive evidence for the destruction of the 3 WTC high-rises on 9/11. This exclusive 13-page article includes seven pages of fascinating interviews along with six pages of biographical info about 29, of over 60 total, structural/civil engineers who are extensively quoted in the article.